CREOC at Keio University is committed to advancing our scientific knowledge of the current state of equality for children, the mechanism through which the inequality evolves over the course of child development, and the methods to evaluate the relevant policies that aim to expand the equality of opportunity for children.

The missions of our center are follows.

  1. Promotion of scientific research
  2. Adherence to academic neutrality
  3. Emphasis of basic reseach for solving social problems
  4. Partinership with schools and local authorities
  5. International collaboration

Are all children in Japan given an equal opportunity to reach their full potential? If not, what are the policies that promote more equal opportunities for children regardless of their family background, economic status, or cultural origin?
We are committed to advancing scientific and independent research to solve problems for realizing a society in which every child has an equal chance.
Founder of Keio University, Yukichi Fukuzawa, wrote, “It is said that heaven does not create one man above or below another man.” We believe that research for equal opportunity for children is one of the most important areas in which Keio must take the lead and play a leading role.
We are grateful to all our donors and supporters who contribute to our on-going research activities at CREOC.